About us

Team 4 Ukraine (T4U) was formed by experts who have been working in Ukraine on different projects since 2014. T4U’s objectives comprise civil society support, non-government sector professionalization, specialized police and other security forces training aimed at achieving compatibility with the EU and NATO security forces operational standards. Ukraine is currently in a difficult situation. Besides its conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian society faces massive corruption, powerful organized crime groups, and influence of oligarchs on politics. An active civil society and newly formed security forces should receive maximum support in pursuing these challenges. It is the only way how to achieve a real and durable improvement in Ukraine and Eastern Europe at large. Ukraine’s combat experience is fairly unique and has a great relevance for the West the more its own security situation worsens. Our projects’ participants from abroad can learn a lot in Ukraine as well. In addition to T4U staff, other experts, politicians, policemen and representatives of various non-governmental organizations also take part in our projects.

Action 4 Ukraine (A4U) consists of 4 themes
• Cyber security and information warfare
• Security cooperation and civil society
• Transformation experience sharing
• Monitoring and analysis

T4U experts and associates have undertaken many monitoring missions and research trips, as well as practical and theoretical seminars themed on security forces reform, cyber and informational security, tactical training, hybrid war methods and its manifestations, organized crime modernization, community policing, etc., where they have shared their experience from the Czech republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. T4U has established various levels of cooperation with nongovernmental organizations, police, universities and local administrations virtually all over Ukraine with special emphasis on the southeast of the country. T4U can briskly react to our colleagues’ needs. Thanks to our wide range of contacts covering the whole country we can make a qualified opinion, prepare transformation projects and analysis; we can mainly organize trainings, seminars or other projects based on particular requirements and local needs after mutual agreement with our partners. In contrast to many international organizations we can complete our relatively low cost projects even in the areas, such as Joint Forces Operation zone (earlier Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone), which are off limits to many other international partners due it’s own security limitations. We can maintain a low level nonstop operation practically under any circumstances. T4U members work voluntarily and in some cases finance the strategically important projects themselves. Grants and financial contributions naturally enable to broaden our scope. We reckon the security situation in the region (and potentially in Europe) can worsen significantly and we prepare to be ready for crisis scenarios. We stay in the loop by constantly analysing the situation in the field, evaluating the risks and organizing practical trainings.