Cyber Security and Information Warfare

Due to the ongoing conflict with Russia as well as current state of its society and economics, Ukraine finds itself in a unique situation. Ongoing hybrid warfare provided substantive boost to Ukrainian capabilities in fighting various forms of cyberthreat such as cybercriminal activities, attacks on critical infrastructure and attempts to influence political environment with skilled use of propaganda. Values of this experience for the West cannot be overstated, especially due to the fact that many EU and NATO countries have been exposed to such threats only recently. For this reason T4U Team focuses on the areas along the so-called line of contact and in the cities of Eastern Ukraine, where situation is the most critical.
Cybercriminal activity is a widespread phenomenon on the territory of the former USSR. It has its roots in dismal economic situation and relative abundance of well trained IT specialists. This ever increasing fusion of corrupt IT professionals and traditional organised crime lead into creation of what can be described as “crime on industrial scale.” It is a positive development that IT specialists in the government service as well as within non-government sector command very high level of expertise, which allows them to effectively counter cyber threats. Nevertheless, overall awareness of the cyberthreats among the general public is insufficient and amounts to what can become live threatening weakness under current state of war. From all above listed reasons it is clear that cooperation with Ukrainian in the sphere of cyber security is highly desirable and it can be beneficial for both sides. For this reason experts from CIMIB (Czech Institute of Information Security Managers) are supporting our projects.