Monitoring and Analysis

Foreign partners represent one of the most important instruments for control of progress of reforms and they can positively motivate Ukraine in its effort. However, foreign partners need to be in position to clearly formulate their demands and in order to achieve this they must be well informed on the situation in the country. For this reason, one of our goals is to keep our partners up to date on real developments, which are often influenced by wide range of actors, whose agenda needs to be understood also in conjunction with its international context.
Through our analysis we hope to bring clarity on the roles and aims of different actors and our team of specialised experts can also deliver tailored products related to specific issues. Thanks to our focus on the Eastern parts of the country, we have direct access to the field, where we cooperate with military elements involved in the Joint Forces Operation (formerly known as ATO) as well as with Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC). Moreover, our partners also include various think-tanks, politicians, experts and journalists We are thus in position to offer robust independent consultancy to any concerned party together with specific solutions for concrete problems. T4U can also organize field visits and as well as facilitation of contacts with experts on the ground.