Monitoring and analysis – Analytical Section

Analytical Section –

Foreign partners are an important instrument of control and positive motivation for Ukraine. However, they must be able to formulate their requirements in concrete topic. This requires knowledge of Ukrainian reality and constant contact with the local environment. We are able to operatively work in the field, focusing primarily on the country’s east. In the zone where the Joint Forces Operation (OOS) takes place, formerly the Anti-Terrorism Operation (ATO), we also cooperate with the Ukrainian Army and the police.

Thanks to this, we are able to provide a very accurate overview of the current situation on the spot and, thus, of the possibilities of solving specific problems.

It is important for Ukraine that the West knows what is really happening there. Many of the current problems were caused, also, by a misunderstanding of the situation on the ground and the consequent inadequate response of the West. The Kremlin policy towards the EU and Ukraine, on the other hand, is very well developed and well thought through, and despite its great failures, it has succeeded in fulfilling a number of strategic intentions. Thus, a torn Europe is often presented with a fait accompli from the Kremlin.

We are trying to bring the real state of affairs to our partners. T4U thus cooperates with various think-thanks, politicians, experts, and journalists and acts as an independent consultant in this respect. There are many different political forces, movements, and other actors in Ukraine. At the same time, the situation cannot be understood without a broader international context. Knowing the roles and tasks of individual players is not easy, and therefore we consider it necessary not only to monitor the situation continuously, but also to carry out analyses on a specific topic, if necessary. This is done by individual team members within their professional specialization.

Some analytical materials are available on various platforms in the Czech Republic (see texts in Czech only of T4U members and collaborators, 2014-2019). However, due to the increasingly complicated situation of Ukraine and the related problems of the whole European area, in 2020, we created an independent Analytical Section, where most of our other materials will be concentrated.