Security cooperation and civil society

As a part of our work we intermediate experience and contacts for the relevant specialists. We participate on observing, monitoring and assessment missions with local and international organizations.

Great emphasis is placed on security forces and civil society cooperation. T4U members help police school cadets, member of the new police forces,  and also to active citizens. We share what we know. We have completed number of project about community policing, comnating human trafficking and cyber security around the Ukraine. We have been involved also to CEPOL Exchange Programme.

There is a lot to learn for  foreign partners in Ukraine; mainly aspects of the Ukrainian security system, which deliver good results are interesting and inspiring. And foreign practice cannot be blindly copied into specific reforms, as they are not fully transferable due to Ukrainian specific conditions. In such an environment it is, however, greatly relevant to point out the unsuccessful reforms (“this should be rather avoided”), which is as important as pointing out the successful examples (“this could be done”). Apart of police there are also different experts from NGOs involved to the projects, the Czech Society of Criminology, La Strada CR. etc..