Team 4 Ukraine

Team 4 Ukraine (T4U) was formed from experts who are working in Ukraine on different projects since 2014. T4U objectives are the civil society support, non-government sector professionalization, specialized police and other security forces training aimed at achieving EU and NATO security forces operational standards compatibility. Ukraine is in a difficult situation now. Besides its conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian society has to deal with massive corruption, influential organized crime groups and oligarchy. An active civil society and newly formed security forces should receive maximum support in pursuing such goals. It is the only way in achieving a real and durable improvement in Ukraine itself and in the whole eastern Europe. Ukraine combat experience is fairly unique and has a great relevance for the West with its own further worsening security situation. Our projects participants from abroad can learn a lot in Ukraine as well. Other experts, politicians, policemen and representatives of various non-governmental organizations, besides T4U staff itself, take part in our projects.

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