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The overall objective of this project is to improve protection of personal data of citizens in the Luhansk region. As such, the design of this project reflects demand of the local population expressed during previous development and research work conducted by Team4Ukraine in the region. Importantly, the project reacts to the situation in Eastern Ukraine, which is often regarded as one of the world’s areas most impacted by cyber attacks. These cyber attacks have a direct impact on the functioning of democratic processes. Following up on consultations with key institutional and organizational players in the region, the project focuses on two sides of the cyber security issue – prevention and redress of cyber attacks. The project therefore engages with NGOs, local government institutions and police departments to enhance protection of personal data of citizens in Luhansk oblast. Project activities were designed with regards to sustainability (organizational sustainability, technical sustainability and ownership).

Our main partners are:

-NGO Maidan Monitoring Information Centre,, Ukraine

-Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association,, Slovakia

-Poland-Ukraine Research Centre,, Poland

The project: “Improving data protection in the Luhansk region – Skills for locals, experience for V4 countries” is realized with the support of the Visegrad fund,