Selected videos and media outputs in the original version.

ESJ & T4U: Between war and peace: guarding checkpoints in Donbass, Ukraine

Tomas Flidr: Ministry of Foreign Affairs failed during cyber attack

Topic of the Day, UA Crimea TV: About the Czech Republic about Ukraine about occupation

The Day on Dumska TV: Svetlana Bodnar, Petr Pojman

T4U & Police CR – Lviv State University of Internal Affairs hosted a meeting of senior officers of Czech Criminal Police

ESJ & T4U: Research trip alongside the from line of Russian – Ukrainian war in Donbass. Pravy Sektor: Ukraine Dispatch 2018

Cybersecurity Specialis (Czechia) Tomas Flidr in Mariupol

P. Pojman: Security of Ukraine = Security of Europe

Cybersecurity Tisa TV