Ambulance for Ukraine II

 Why is our help needed?

As with the first “Operation Ambulances”, our plan is to raise funds for 3-4 field ambulances and supplies of medical equipment. Subsequently, we will bring them from the Czech Republic directly to the front line field hospitals and defenders’ units, where they are desperately needed for everyday help and to save the lives of soldiers and civilians in the combat zone. Since the beginning of the war, we have always transported all aid directly to the final destination ourselves to ensure that everything arrives where it is supposed to and in the shortest possible time.

According to our survey of vehicle currently available in Europe, our collection will be focused on 3-4 Hummer H1 ambulances (HMMWV) or their regular versions with subsequent modification for transporting the wounded, or similar off-road vehicles. Estimated cost of purchase vehicles, their preparation, purchase of medical equipment and transport of all this to the front line amounts to 4,000,000 CZK. Time is critical and ambulances need to be procured and transported to their destination as soon as possible. Ordinary ambulances we have provided thanks to our last collection of funds are already saving lives every day.