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Team 4 Ukraine (T4U) was formed by experts who have been working in Ukraine on different projects since 2014. T4U’s objectives comprise civil society support, non-government sector professionalization, specialized police and other security forces training aimed at achieving compatibility with the EU and NATO security forces operational standards. Ukraine is currently in a difficult situation. Besides its conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian society faces massive corruption, powerful organized crime groups, and influence of oligarchs on politics. An active civil society and newly formed security forces should receive maximum support in pursuing these challenges. It is the only way how to achieve a real and durable improvement in Ukraine and Eastern Europe at large. Ukraine’s combat experience is fairly unique and has a great relevance for the West the more its own security situation worsens. Our projects’ participants from abroad can learn a lot in Ukraine as well. In addition to T4U staff, other experts, politicians, policemen and representatives of various non-governmental organizations also take part in our projects..

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We have been active in assistance to Ukrainian entities since 2014, mostly in fields of cyber and information security, police reform and civil society development. More info about our activities can be found here:
During the current escalation of the conflict we have started collecting funds for assistance to Ukraine. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts we are able to determine exact needs and transport the material swiftly right to the spot. If you would like to support us, you can send donations to the following accounts.Both accounts are transparent and you can see what are the money used for. We work as volunteers and 100% of the donations is used for assistance.

CZK: 2801169198/2010

EURO: 2401169201/2010

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